Jam Jar Studios

Best move we ever made by Superkrush Films

When we decided that we had to move out of our cramped accommodation in the centre of Newcastle, we had a couple of requirements. We’d need superfast broadband with LOTS of bandwidth. And places to park. Somewhere to meet Clients over a nice coffee, or just a place to chill at lunchtime. And we really didn’t want to be out in the sticks, so it had to be somewhere easily accessible. Hopefully not too much of a tall order.

And then we found Jam Jar. Perfectly positioned in Gateshead, in spitting distance from the Interchange, with on-street parking, 100mbps broadband and a cool café – it seemed too good to be true. And then, as if it couldn’t get any better, we discovered that is was also the home of a great big greenscreen TV studio. Being a video production company, we really had landed on our feet.

So, two years down the line, we’re still here. We’ve got some great fellow tenants, from a really wide range of businesses, which leads to some very interesting conversations in the café – Indian Head Massage anyone? Our Clients love coming here, it’s cool and quirky. And there’s always a welcome from Indie, jam Jar’s official office Labrador!.

Best move we ever made.