Jam Jar Studios

What do you do with an old workingmen’s club, past its sell-by date but with loads of interesting spaces ? Turn it into a studio of course!

Jam Jar Studios is located in an ex-working mens club in the Windmill Hills area of Gateshead. We came up with the name after finding out that years ago, the Club  – like many others in the area – used to show feature films for members and their families. As times were tight, you could pay for your entrance in with jam jars or bottles, which had a ha’penny or penny deposit. It just seemed a perfect name, linking the old with the new.

After several dozen skips full of rubble, 1200 man hours and enough cabling to stretch from Gateshead to Leeds, Jam Jar Studios will be ready to open its doors in just eight weeks time.

So if you’re an Agency or Marketing Manager who might be interested in the largest purpose built, soundproofed, green-screen studio right here in the North East, watch this space. Literally.