Jam Jar Studios

Life at Jam Jar Studios: Red Square Design

Red Square Design moved to Jam Jar after spending some years in Ouseburn. They were recommended by a networking colleague and we were impressed with the layout and concept from the off as it was similar to what we were used to in Ouseburn, but a level up in terms of spec.

We’re a creative digital design company helping businesses and business owners with their marketing and promotional needs, both online and in print, and we liked the idea of being part of the Jam Jar family. Everyone was very welcoming, friendly, helpful and considerate.

Now that we’re here we bump into fellow creatives, chat in the cafe and breakout areas, watch World Cup football and even do Joe Wicks HIIT sessions in the green room – how many businesses can boast about that?

We are also fortunate to have our own shower facilities, meaning we can continue to get our training sessions in and then get totally refreshed to continue the working day.

We are close to Gateshead’s shops, banks and transport links, but also within walking distance of Newcastle city centre, so it’s very handy indeed… although our staff who live in Gateshead are very grateful they don’t have to cross the dreaded Tyne Bridge every day.

Gateshead seems to be working to improve its image but I feel it still has a long way to go and should be encouraging smaller independent businesses to set up home and not just the large corporates, a mistake which has unfortunately seen the closure of some small retailers.

As for parking, there are areas within walking distance of Jam Jar where it is possible to park free all day; although Gateshead parking in general can sometimes be a bit of an issue.

To sum up, this has been a great move for us and we look forward to spending more years as part of the Jam Jar family.

You can find out more about us at redsqdesign.co.uk.

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Demand Country demands a good studio

My name is Graeme Paterson and I’m a TV producer for Keep It Country TV – Europe’s only dedicated country music channel. We broadcast across Europe and around the world on Sky (376), Freesat (516) and Freeview (HD enabled areas) as well as online via keepitcountry.tv.

One of the shows I produce is called Demand Country – a viewer-request show hosted by Charlie Stewart (a former professional footballer for Grimsby Town and a qualified tennis coach, for the record!)

Keep It Country

We’d previously been using a studio in Newcastle City Centre (just a few miles across the Tyne from Jam Jar Studios) – small and basic, but it did the job.  Unfortunately – and quite literally overnight – we discovered the studio had closed down, just days before we were due to film, leaving us with an urgent need to find a new home.

‘Should be easy enough,’ I thought. ‘Just have a look on Google – there’s bound to be a plenty of studios around the North East that we can use.’

Plenty of studios, yes… if you’re a photographer! But green screen studios for television production?  That’s a different matter!

Thankfully, Jam Jar Studios was there to fill the gap. I fired off an email on a Friday afternoon and asked if there was any chance I could pop along to have a look around.  Within the hour I was standing in the biggest green screen studio I’d ever seen, explaining my predicament to Jam Jar’s big boss man, Chris Taylor.  By the time I left, we’d agreed on a plan to work together and I’ve never looked back.

The staff are all great, so friendly and helpful – nothing’s a problem to them.  From Lauren on reception to the guys who always poke their head around the door when we arrive to check if there’s anything else we need – you couldn’t wish for a better crew. Access to the studio is ideal; it’s modern and bright with a cafe area downstairs, and there’s always the WiFi, should we need it.

I’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jam Jar Studios – they have been simply fantastic in every way and the Demand Country team is looking forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.

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Best move we ever made by Superkrush Films

When we decided that we had to move out of our cramped accommodation in the centre of Newcastle, we had a couple of requirements. We’d need superfast broadband with LOTS of bandwidth. And places to park. Somewhere to meet Clients over a nice coffee, or just a place to chill at lunchtime. And we really didn’t want to be out in the sticks, so it had to be somewhere easily accessible. Hopefully not too much of a tall order.

And then we found Jam Jar. Perfectly positioned in Gateshead, in spitting distance from the Interchange, with on-street parking, 100mbps broadband and a cool café – it seemed too good to be true. And then, as if it couldn’t get any better, we discovered that is was also the home of a great big greenscreen TV studio. Being a video production company, we really had landed on our feet.

So, two years down the line, we’re still here. We’ve got some great fellow tenants, from a really wide range of businesses, which leads to some very interesting conversations in the café – Indian Head Massage anyone? Our Clients love coming here, it’s cool and quirky. And there’s always a welcome from Indie, jam Jar’s official office Labrador!.

Best move we ever made.

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Shooting a Music Video: Superkrush Films at Jam Jar Studios



Lying Goliath commissioned the studio for two music videos for artist Rachelle Rhienne. They needed a large, enclosed space for shooting due to the planned content for the ‘Captivity’ music video – a dance based concept with lots of space needed. Using the studio, Superkrush were able to play to Rachelle’s strengths – the raw emotion of her singing, the challenging subject matter of the song and her professional dance training.

“The reason Jam Jar was perfect for this project is because it’s a dance based concept – we need a lot of space for Rachelle to show off her moves … We’ve got 1200 sq ft here so it was ideal to set up lighting situations, and to let her really move around”

-Chris Taylor, Superkrush

The set used only the studio, an upright piano and a vintage bed – plus the ribbons than formed part of Rachelle’s costume. The stark surroundings and heavily contrasted lighting enabled Superkrush to convey a ‘Noir’ style in the final video for ‘Captivity’.

Both videos were shot in entirety at Jam Jar Studios over a 1 day location shoot.

“It’s been amazing…fun, professional, the set has been amazing…it’s been great!” – Rachelle Rhienne

You can watch the full video for ‘Captivity’ here.

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Imagine what you could do with a tv studio…

With a green screen and chroma key technology, you can take a subject anywhere. Jam Jar has a new 1,200 sq ft TV Studio so we’ve hand-picked a couple of particularly creative examples;

Old Spice green screen

Any discussion of notable green screen use would have to begin with the infamous Old Spice commercials. Originating with ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’, created by Wieden+Kennedy, the series of commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa and later Terry Crews gained a mountain of critical and public acclaim. Using chroma key technology, cleverly designed sets, and one very patient horse, W+K were able to take their subject from shower, to boat, to beach, to horseback – in one continuous take.



MTV Miley Cyrus VMA campaign

MTV’s VMA campaign with Miley Cyrus was a resounding success. Canadian agency Jam3 uploaded multiple visuals of Miley (among other artists) against a green screen, and invited creators to edit them. Fans were able to download dozens of campaign assets to play with, and MTV selected some of their favourites. This campaign utilised the ‘come play with me’ appeal of a green screen backdrop, and by directly involving creators MTV were able to generate impressive levels of engagement as well as exposure.



Green screen video for Bomby by Jan Sledecko

Jan Sladecko (a.k.a. Slejdy) created an entire music video for Bomby using green screen. Excluding a few white background and outdoor buildings, all shots were against a green screen. Sladecko then used chroma key technology to replace the background with photographs of old industrial surroundings, adding a camera projection to them to enable additional camera movement. The end result is visually immersive and raw, and enhances the underground element of the artist.



The possibilities are endless, and with our green screen and white infinity cove you’ll have plenty of space to play. We also have 3 edit suites equipped with 65 inch 4k monitors, which you can use at any point to assess footage. Bonus facilities include a dressing / makeup room, various breakout spaces, and the use of our spacious café.


Get in touch to discuss possibilities and packages.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning at Jam Jar Studios

As you may have heard, we love cake down at Jam Jar Studios. So when the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning adverts started rolling out for Macmillan Cancer Support we signed up right away!

Cake arrived in many forms; from Paul’s Secret Family Tray Bake (we still don’t know what’s in it) to Claire Todd’s super tasty Banana Bread – all were seriously GBBO worthy.

We had a lovely time and it a great excuse for the Jam Jar Squad to eat cake before 11pm on a Friday… but it was all about bringing people together to raise money for a really great charity that has sadly affected us all in one way or another.

All in all we raised just over £100 that has now been safely deposited into the bank and on it’s way to Macmillan, so a huge thank you to all that came!

If you would like to be involved in raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support please visit www.macmillan.org.uk.

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Opening the Jar

Last Thursday, the brand new Jam Jar Studios opened its doors. Welcoming friends, supporters, contractors and suppliers to celebrate the event, the Jam Jar team also heard some very inspiring words from the Leader of Gateshead Council, Cllr Mick Henry. Guests were refreshed with hot dogs, nachos and popcorn, washed down with mojitos and beer and a good time was had by all.

A great night to start a great new future at Jam Jar – thanks to all who came!

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Join the Jam Jar community

Jam Jar Studio will not only house the North East’s largest, purpose built soundproofed green-screen studio, it will also be the home of Superkrush, the creative video agency.

We won’t fill the place though, so we’ve got a couple of offices, just crying out for like-minded creative types of any description, who are looking for a new home. 

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What do you do with an old workingmen’s club, past its sell-by date but with loads of interesting spaces ? Turn it into a studio of course!

Jam Jar Studios is located in an ex-working mens club in the Windmill Hills area of Gateshead. We came up with the name after finding out that years ago, the Club  – like many others in the area – used to show feature films for members and their families. As times were tight, you could pay for your entrance in with jam jars or bottles, which had a ha’penny or penny deposit. It just seemed a perfect name, linking the old with the new.

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