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Shooting a Music Video: Superkrush Films at Jam Jar Studios



Lying Goliath commissioned the studio for two music videos for artist Rachelle Rhienne. They needed a large, enclosed space for shooting due to the planned content for the ‘Captivity’ music video – a dance based concept with lots of space needed. Using the studio, Superkrush were able to play to Rachelle’s strengths – the raw emotion of her singing, the challenging subject matter of the song and her professional dance training.

“The reason Jam Jar was perfect for this project is because it’s a dance based concept – we need a lot of space for Rachelle to show off her moves … We’ve got 1200 sq ft here so it was ideal to set up lighting situations, and to let her really move around”

-Chris Taylor, Superkrush

The set used only the studio, an upright piano and a vintage bed – plus the ribbons than formed part of Rachelle’s costume. The stark surroundings and heavily contrasted lighting enabled Superkrush to convey a ‘Noir’ style in the final video for ‘Captivity’.

Both videos were shot in entirety at Jam Jar Studios over a 1 day location shoot.

“It’s been amazing…fun, professional, the set has been amazing…it’s been great!” – Rachelle Rhienne

You can watch the full video for ‘Captivity’ here.

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Imagine what you could do with a tv studio…

With a green screen and chroma key technology, you can take a subject anywhere. Jam Jar has a new 1,200 sq ft TV Studio so we’ve hand-picked a couple of particularly creative examples;

Old Spice green screen

Any discussion of notable green screen use would have to begin with the infamous Old Spice commercials. Originating with ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’, created by Wieden+Kennedy, the series of commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa and later Terry Crews gained a mountain of critical and public acclaim. Using chroma key technology, cleverly designed sets, and one very patient horse, W+K were able to take their subject from shower, to boat, to beach, to horseback – in one continuous take.



MTV Miley Cyrus VMA campaign

MTV’s VMA campaign with Miley Cyrus was a resounding success. Canadian agency Jam3 uploaded multiple visuals of Miley (among other artists) against a green screen, and invited creators to edit them. Fans were able to download dozens of campaign assets to play with, and MTV selected some of their favourites. This campaign utilised the ‘come play with me’ appeal of a green screen backdrop, and by directly involving creators MTV were able to generate impressive levels of engagement as well as exposure.



Green screen video for Bomby by Jan Sledecko

Jan Sladecko (a.k.a. Slejdy) created an entire music video for Bomby using green screen. Excluding a few white background and outdoor buildings, all shots were against a green screen. Sladecko then used chroma key technology to replace the background with photographs of old industrial surroundings, adding a camera projection to them to enable additional camera movement. The end result is visually immersive and raw, and enhances the underground element of the artist.



The possibilities are endless, and with our green screen and white infinity cove you’ll have plenty of space to play. We also have 3 edit suites equipped with 65 inch 4k monitors, which you can use at any point to assess footage. Bonus facilities include a dressing / makeup room, various breakout spaces, and the use of our spacious café.


Get in touch to discuss possibilities and packages.

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Opening the Jar

Last Thursday, the brand new Jam Jar Studios opened its doors. Welcoming friends, supporters, contractors and suppliers to celebrate the event, the Jam Jar team also heard some very inspiring words from the Leader of Gateshead Council, Cllr Mick Henry. Guests were refreshed with hot dogs, nachos and popcorn, washed down with mojitos and beer and a good time was had by all.

A great night to start a great new future at Jam Jar – thanks to all who came!

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